Monday, July 28, 2014

No, but for real. I got my jellies in the mail a couple days ago and I am 100% obsessed. I was extremely hesitant to get them, but after lusting after the jelly trend for several months I decided to just order them and see what happened. My number one fear was if they would be uncomfortable in the Phoenix heat. And so far I've had no issues. Although, one friend pointed out that I have never had any problems sweaty feet. I frequently wear shoes without socks and my feet never sweat/stink afterwards TMI?. So, the results may be different for somebody else. But for me, they work perfectly! I've been wearing them everywhere since I got them!
Do any of you guys buy into the jelly trend? Perhaps it's too 90's for you. But as the owner of multiple jean vests, jackets, shirts, and other such 90's trends I am all for it! Anyways, hope you guys had a great weekend & happy Monday!.


  1. JELLY SHOES !! omg I use to love these as a kid !! :) Oh sweet memories.

  2. that gif is amazing! and I totally rocked my jelly shoes back in the early 2000's. Love that you're bringing them back!

  3. Actually, I've been really into jelly shoes lately! Haven't bought any yet, but I remember wearing them in the 90's and they were so comfortable! I love when 90's trends make a comeback ;)


  4. That gif is awesome! And the shoes too. I bought myself some black jellies a while ago and love them but I really want some clear glittery ones too.