Thursday, July 24, 2014

Red Cart DIY

And here is yet another DIY taken from the queens & kings of DIYing over at A Beautiful Mess. One of my favorite things about their blog is the great array of DIY projects to choose from. They have projects for all skill levels. My intention for the next year or so is to start with simpler projects and work my way up to more advanced ones. (You know the kind involving wood stain and power tools). So far it's been working out pretty well. The instructions for this particular DIY can be found here.
I was a little bit intimidated at the idea of making something that would involve any sort of woodworking. But it was actually pretty easy. Aside from the woodcutting it worked basically like a do-it-yourself ikea furniture piece. And I ended up being extremely proud of the result. Finishing projects like this definitely make me want to do more. I really want to work my up to making my own full-size dining room table from scratch, but I have plenty of time to practice and currently don't have a room for a full sized table. So, working on a cart will have to do for now.
The cart is totally useful and is currently living in a corner of my bedroom. I'm using desk, shelf, and closet space to store my ever-growing book collection at the moment so, it was nice to take the stack of books from my dresser and put them nicely on display in the cart. I also think that the wheels are going to come in really handy in the future. Overall it worked perfectly for my needs and I'm really glad I made it! What are some DIY's that you've been really proud of/were really useful to you? Let me know!

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