Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pinterest Love

Like most female humans in the twenty first century I have developed a healthy addiction to pinterest. I say healthy because it hasn't interfered with my personal or business life...yet. Anyhow, Here are a few things this week that I found... pinteresting Oh God, I'm sorry puns are awful, but I couldn't help myself.
overalls || sandals
soup || cake
chair || hardwood
Hopefully you got past my terrible pun up there enough to brows through the post. Which was your favorite? That cake is at the top of my 'recipes to try' list. Hopefully I'll get around to it in the next weekend or two. Also, I already have a couple pairs of overalls, but you can never have too much of your favorite thing, right? Follow me on pinterest for more pretty things & happy pinning!


  1. My overalls have grown up with me! I wear them whenever I need a boost of happiness, there are timeless and FUN! Great round up x

  2. Seriously, Pinterest has taken over my life. OBSESSED!
    xo TJ