Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Creativity

Lately I've been thinking about Creativity. Where it comes from, what it means. More specifically the way in which I can best praise God through the gifts he's given me. It seems to me like Christians are always trying to fit creativity into the church. To put creativity into Jesus. But somehow, I'm not satisfied with that sort of philosophy. And I think I've realized why...

It’s basic physics, you can’t put something somewhere that it already resides. The Holy Spirit is already the root of creativity. We don’t create in spite of Him we create because of Him. There is no need to put creativity into Jesus because he already has it, he created it. When the isrealites were building the tabernacle God gifted Bezalel with the Holy Spirit to “devise artistic designs” (Exodus 35: 31-32) Nowhere does the bible doesn’t say that God chose Bezalel because of his creative prowess or because we was some great artist. The presence of the Holy Spirit was enough to give him the ability to create one of the greatest historical structure of all time. This creative ability came from God himself. The Spirit of God is the genesis of all creativity.

It is known that we are made in the image of God. Christian or not, humanity reflects God in so many different ways. The manifestation of his image is not contingent on any religious affiliation. God has given part of himself freely to us simply by creating mankind. Our desire and ability to create is only one of them. Yet we continues to take credit for something that we only have because it’s one of the many attributes of our wonderful Creator.

I'm still not a hundred percent certain how God is going to use this integral part of who he made me to be. But I'm willing to be used, and in the mean time I think my energy is better focused on just trying to be more like Him than worrying about the details of His plan. Anyhow, these are my thoughts on the matter as of lately. Peace.


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