Monday, February 9, 2015


Before spending a weekend doing some much needed wedding shopping and DIYing, Adam and I got to spend the morning together before going our separate ways on Saturday. It was the opportune time to do an outfit post. To my surprise Adam actually really enjoys taking pictures of me. When I first asked him to do it I anticipated that there may be some bargaining involved. But he really likes it and is just as excited as I am about doing it. It's sort of been something fun that we can do together.

skirt: consignment / shoes: birks / top: american eagle / sunglasses: gifted/unlabeled / anklet: destiny rescue

A quick note, I got my anklet from an organization called Destiny Rescue. They work intently on rescuing minors from the sex slave industry in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Loas, India and the Philippines. All of the jewelry they sell is made by girls and boys formally trapped in sex slavery. Adam and I sponsor a child through their organization and have been blessed by the process. I highly recommend donating or getting involved in the great work that they do for children across the world.



  1. Aw that's awesome that he's a good sport about it. :) He did a great job. Beautiful photos.


  2. I am just in love with your photos. The lighting is on point! I adore your style so, so much!

    By the way, today on my blog, I nominated you for "The Liebster Award" :) Just a fun way to extend yourself in the blogosphere and answer some silly questions! Thanks love!

  3. The pictures are lovely and your curly hair is so pretty!
    Claudia x

  4. Lovely outfit! The skirt is so pretty.
    It is awesome that you support Destiny Rescue, it seems like a great cause!

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! I can't believe it's that warm in february!