Sunday, December 7, 2014

Coffee & Football

Never have two passions come together as perfectly as when Adam and I get together for some coffee & football. I introduced him to my superior coffee habits when we first started dating and in turn he has taught me how to play football. Not going to lie, I enjoy throwing around a football more than I ever thought I would. Adam now drinks coffee almost as much as I do. So, you could say it worked out pretty great for us.
Say what you will about the burning oven that is Phoenix Arizona. It has the best winter season of literally anywhere else in the country. Every day this week seems to be more beautiful than the last. Needless to say we have many more spontaneous trips to our favorite coffee shop and the adjacent park. But as for now, I'll leave you with this awesome action shot.


  1. You're back! ;) Love the photos in this post. Do you order black coffee? Or do you have special drinks?


    oh, I have a giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested in a few stocking stuffers! ;) Thanks!

    1. Haha, back indeed. Glad you noticed my subtle return ;) From Lux I usually go black, unless I'm staying then I get a cappuccino.