Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My mom never wore make-up, and she wouldn't allow me to wear it until I was thirteen. As a child I considered this an unfair injustice to my rights as an American Citizen. (I was an extremely dramatic pre-teen). But now as an adult. I appreciate her wisdom. I had thirteen years to grow accustomed to my face. This face. With it's flaws and all... Now look at the picture above. I'm having a rather good skin day, and I know a little bit about lighting so my pimples (ew) don't show too much. (I don't wear make-up, but I do still have a little vanity). But the point is, less about the picture. I could name a hundred flaws right now if I wanted to. Because that's my face. Because I have to choice to pick at the imperfections, (few or many) and let them eat at me. Or accept the fact that the skin I am in, is fallible.

My skin will wrinkle. My hair will thin, and break, and turn from brown to gray to white. Maybe my teeth will even fall out. The skin I am in is going to age and break and   fall to pieces.Is there anything wrong with decorating it now? No. If you're a make-up guru, or a Sephora VIP member.. More power to you! But that isn't where our worth lies. Because skin is just skin. Flesh and bones, are just the materials that hold up who we are.

I owe a lot of my self acceptance to my mother. Who still to this day tells me how beautiful I am make-up or no make-up. She instilled in my at a young age the idea that I am a princess. Daughter of the most high God. A God who sees the worth in my soul, who loves me ferociously, who embraces my flaws. A Spirit who's perfection intercedes in the place of my flaws before the Creator of the Universe. Because of the Son's advocation on my behalf I am good enough for the Most High God. With a belief as powerful I think I will be okay not wearing make-up for the day.

Anyways, this one was for my ladies out there. Just the mid afternoon musings of a twenty something college student. Peace.

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