Monday, January 26, 2015


When I read certain books of the bible, specifically books about the prophets. A lot of this stuff goes over my head. There's a whole lot of symbolism and a lot of the scary side of God. That people don't like to talk about. The God who is our Judge and our King... But here I am plunging into what I knowingly don't know much about publicly on the internet for everyone to read. But, I figure, that if I can blog about every other part of my life. Why not this part? Yeah? Yeah.

Like I said, I am no where near wise enough to understand all the symbolism that happens when God is talking to the prophets. (I'm sure there's also a lot of stuff that is contextual to the time it was written that I don't understand as well). But one thing that does astound me. Is the way that God continues to give his people second (and third and fourth and fifth and sixth... well you get the gist) chances. It's one of those things where the Israelites have continued again and again to say, "We don't want you here, go away God." And God submitted to the will of his free people. But yet he is still faithful to them. With a promise, "Return to be and I will return to you."

Even God, the Judge. God, the King of all things. Deals with his people with relentless Grace and Mercy. He just waits, and when we call, he comes back. What really caught my eye was verse 12, "I will return to Jerusalem with mercy, and there my house will be rebuilt." God's forgiveness isn't begrudging, it doesn't have any strings attached. He comes back and he builds his house with us. He's here to stay and he lives in our midsts (Not on some hill far away). For as long as we rejected him and went against his wishes. He is so quickly willing to come back just as soon as we ask him to. God doesn't force himself upon his people, but when we return to him of our own free will he gives all of himself back to us. Without reproach and without holding anything back from us.

I am by no means an expert on any of this. But, I love God. He doesn't require expertise from me. He just wants me where I am, how I am. I just love Jesus, and I want to share him in all the places of my life. Even if I am no public authority on the Bible, haven't gone to seminary, and haven't even lead a bible study before. But Jesus doesn't need me to be or do any of those things. He just needs me to be me. And that's awesome.


-a link to Zachariah 1-

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