Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trek Lovin

I am a self proclaimed, third generation trekkie. The fandom started with my grandmother, passed on to my mom, and then to me in my early childhood. I am also a huge fan of the new movies, I love JJ Abrams, and basically everything he does has my sci-fi blessing. But I do love the Enterprise and it was my inspiration for a this vintage-styled minimalist poster. Hopefully you're a fraction as nerdy as I am, you'll appreciate if not. I invite you to continue scrolling on to a less nerdy post ;).
After I created the poster, I decided that I wanted another version for my laptop wallpaper and created the design you see below. It was nice to make because in my first design illustrated the entire ship, but only used the back half of it. Being able to see the full Enterprise in the wallpaper was a nice bonus. It was a really fun project, and a great way for me to express my undying love for Star Trek.
If any of you guys are fellow trekkie lovers the wallpaper image is available for free download below. ;)


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