Monday, July 21, 2014

to the Cutie with a Fine Booty

Seven weeks away from him is a long time... but with only two weeks left it's gone by quickly. But, it's safe to say that I'm pretty much over this being away from each other thing. Remind me why it's not acceptable to just have him quit his job and come be with me? Oh yeah, adulting and responsibility... Well, between the many Skype dates, phone calls, letters and texts it hasn't been too bad. I'm kidding it has been very very bad. Adam if you're reading this screw the next two weeks and come home NOW Ahem... Anyways, this one goes out to the cutie with a fine booty. My fiancé, best friend, husband-to-be, personal weird-o, handsome man, life partner in crime spiritual companion and all those good things. I miss you, mister. That is all. That is not all, I really really love you and two weeks is two weeks to many. Come home safe and come home soon!


  1. you two are SO cute! hope he's home now, and if not, he's home super soon!!

    1. Thank you! He comes back this Saturday! SOOO EXCITED