Saturday, July 19, 2014

Online Eyewear

I finally bought into the online classes craze and I'm completely in love! I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical when I was first starting researching about buying glasses online... but I just couldn't find the styles I wanted at my local glasses companies and the price was just so low I had to try. So, I went with Warby Parker. Not only is every single style of glasses to die for, they also give a pair of glasses to someone in need everytime you buy. They're basically like the TOMs of eyewear. I experimented with the at home try on and was surprised to find that my 'wildcard' pair (the pair I added just for fun) were the ones I ended up getting!
At first I was really nervous about the blue color. I felt as if I would stop wearing certain items of clothing because it would clash. But the color is so understated and neutral that I've had no difficulty wearing anything in my wardrobe. Also they've brought in an influx of compliments so that's always a plus. ;P I would definitely recommend getting glasses from Warby Parker. They're a great choice for the price, and although I've only had them for around three weeks I feel like they're going to last me a long time (fingers crossed). Warby Parker made the whole buying experience super fun and special. From their e-mails to gorgeous shipping packaging. Buying from them as been such a treat! If you're on the fence about buying glasses online I'd definitely recommend giving it a try! ;)

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